Reflection of Class

When I began this course, I knew some basic concepts of design. I was extremely rusty on HTML and hadn’t used FCP in six years. Suffice to say, I had forgotten a lot. The biggest thing I learned was how to navigate WordPress. I was completely ignorant of the site prior to this class. Within this course, I’ve learned how to put together a decent looking site and change variables around so that I wouldn’t be ashamed to give out the address of my site.
The most difficult thing I learned this semester was how to create a podcast. I had literally not used Audacity in ages and couldn’t, for the life of me, understand how to work within GarageBand. I’m glad I remembered enough from editing courses in high school to put basic things like fades into my work. I’m not sure if I’ll use podcasting in the future because I don’t want to be a journalist, I want to go into politics, but I’m glad that I know the gist of how to upload one, should I need to begin podcasting.

As social media become more pervasive, new media outlets such as Pinterest could be explored more in depth. I’m still unsure as to how we’re supposed to use it as an effective tool for finding news, but it’s an area that I could work on.
When it comes to reporting, I wouldn’t discount meeting people face to face or driving around a beat. So many stories online are recycled and rewritten ad infinitum. It seems as if there’s no real reporting going on anymore. Although using social media spices up pages, a well written story with clear copy can’t be beat.
As I become more familiar again with various editing programs, I definitely want to get into posting more professional looking videos to my account. As somebody who wants to go into politics, it seems as if stories and video are the two things I need to focus on as I build my site.


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