Dream projects for Crack Your Bible that require funding to happen

Crack Your Bible’s dream projects as of October 2018

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Short Term (6 months – year)

Backend Needs:

  • Tripod and hot shoe for current 4k camera.
  • Rode windscreen for mounted microphone.
  • Lavaliere microphone.
  • Travel fees for filming on location.
  • Legal fees for registered copyrights, trademarks and incorporation filings. (Average $1k per filing.)

Intercessory Prayer Team:

  • Legal fees for creation of non-disclosure agreements for anyone who volunteers for Crack Your Bible prayer team.
  • Hire paid e-mail manager.
  • Purchase G-suite management software ($25/ month per employee or volunteer.)

Merchandise (Sales are necessary to fund Crack Your Bible goals.)

  • Graphic design of artwork for YouTube merchandise.
  • Legal fees for the registered copyright of artwork for merchandise.

Web Development:

  • New website with easily searchable database of YouTube videos. ($5k+)*
  • Logo and branding package. ($2k+)*
  • Social media design software: Canva Professional Membership ($12.95/ month per per employee or volunteer.)
  • Social media management software: Later Professional Membership ($19 / month)
*Sample prices for website and marketing taken from local Las Vegas Media Marketing company, BananaDog. (Not currently contracted with them.)

Mid Term (1-2 years)


  • Hire a paid, social media manager.
  • Hire a paid, full-time video editor.
  • Hire a paid, full-time researcher.
  • Security for in-person meet-ups & events with Crack Your Bible fam.


  • Employment contracts.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.

Long Term (2+ years)


  • Dedicated office space / studio to film in.
  • Professional filming equipment.


  • Hire Marketing Agency ($5k+ / month)

Future projects:

  • Tangible educational witnessing materials.
  • Educational ministry workshops.
  • Matchmaking ministry team for the singles of the CrackYourBible fam, who are interested in marriage to a Christian spouse. (Not an online dating site, but a matchmaking service that vets Christian singles looking for a Christian spouse.)