Bad Science Scare – Rh types & hybridization of humans?

I’ve received a very disturbing question enough times that I feel like I need to address this. People are worried that they may be a hybrid because they have Rh- blood.

Before I started this channel, I worked in blood banking for years. My mom worked in blood banking my entire life. My grandma was a surgery nurse. I feel like this is within my wheelhouse to answer. You are not a hybrid if you have Rh- blood. I repeat, you are not descended from hybrids if you have Rh- blood.

If you are Rh+, you have a protein on the surface of your red blood cells. If you are Rh -, you are simply missing that specific protein on the surface of your red blood cells. Your Rh type is inherited from your parents. Please see this punnet square to learn how Rh types are inherited (…)

In addition to ABO type (A, B, O & AB) and Rh type (+ / – ) there are a whole host of other antigens and antibodies that a person’s blood can test positive or negative. An antigen is a molecule that triggers your body to produce antibodies. For example, if you’ve ever contracted Cytomegalovirus (most people have) your body will produce antibodies to fight off that virus. A person who is CMV – is someone who has never been exposed to Cytomegalovirus. The unit of blood in the picture is a unit that I irradiated and it happens to be both CMV- and Hemoglobin S -, despite the unit being Rh+. You can be negative or positive for all sorts of things regardless of your ABO or Rh type.

Now, about Nephilim DNA. To make a test, you would first need a sample of Nephilim DNA and a sample of human DNA which you could then compare to a donor sample of DNA. You would need this sample to see what the markers of Nephilim DNA are, and then be able to compare your sample to see if it matched or deviated in some way. Such a test does not exist as there are no known Nephilim DNA samples to create a test.

Not only is there no test, you all can look up “DNA washout / Recombinant DNA” if you have time:… Basically, we inherit 50% of our genes from mom, 50% from dad. Each of your four grandparents gives you 25% of your DNA. Each generation doubles your ancestors. Your DNA from each of your 8 great-grandparents would be small, and from any of your 16 great-great grandparents, even smaller. This is why your DNA tests might not show any DNA from a particular ethnic group, even if your last name, photos, family history and records match with that particular ethnic group. If you had a 1 great-great-great grandparent who is X, and your other 31 great-great-great grandparents were Y, X showing up in your DNA would be negligible, if it showed up at all. This DNA washout *may * (this is not a definitive fact, just my hypothesis) be why God said curses would go on to the third and fourth generation (Deuteronomy 5:9, Exodus 34:7, Numbers 14:18.)

In conclusion, simply lacking a protein on the surface of your blood cells doesn’t make you a demonic fallen angel hybrid.

If you are O -, please consider donating blood, as all blood types can receive a unit of O- blood and not have an adverse reaction. If you are AB-, please consider donating platelets as all blood types can receive a unit of AB – platelets (and this is also the rarest blood type.)

Many blood donors are elderly caucasians, usually with O+ or A ABO types. Elderly caucasians aren’t the biggest consumers of blood donations, so the other blood type donations are both in short supply and are very necessary for babies and trauma patients.

You can not catch diseases from donating blood. You will not gain weight from donating blood. Leftover blood is highly regulated and tracked from the time the needle is opened from the package to the time a unit of blood expires and is incinerated. All of that is tracked and highly monitored with a lost unit incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines. So no, your unused or leftover blood isn’t going to be sold to an illuminati blood cult.

Please consider donating, especially if you’re a minority, as you could save many lives with a donation. See what it’s like to donate. Me donating blood in 2013 – it doesn’t hurt!


4 thoughts on “Bad Science Scare – Rh types & hybridization of humans?

  1. peterjohnolson says:

    I have great respect and gratitude for medical professionals.
    I work with machines, they’re more predictable than people. Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Have a Happy New Year.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your inspired, thought provoking, encouraging, YouTube videos.
    I pray for you and your ministry.
    God bless you and your family.

  2. Tony says:

    Happy new year! Just an update, haven’t had any luck finding DTBM’s reference supporting the nephilem/alien/demonic/paganism connection. I’ve emailed the organization and will hopefully get a reply.

    This might not be the correct place to put this. If not please forgive my techie short comings but have you considered a video on how to study the Bible or how to use an online concordance? I’ve always believed but like you found the churches lacked the ability spirit if that makes sense? This milk drinker is hungry for a thick juicy bone-in rib eye AND the potatoes to boot but wants to raise the cow right and share the potato crop without causing blithe and famine.

    PSA: Sometimes us guys are moody too. We’re falllen. Thank God for grace!

    Keep being a light unto the world!

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