Pray + Snap + Win

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As some of you know, we do have an intercessory prayer group because I, as one person, can’t field every single prayer request that comes my way or walk every city. I want more people to participate in our group by walking their cities and praying over them because we must tear down Satan’s strongholds, as we talked about in this video:

Join the prayer group for free here: Intercessory Prayer Team

When you see something pagan or occult, snap a pic and I’ll add it to an album on our Facebook page so that other people can pray against it. Likewise, if you find any occult stuff at home and destroy it, snap a before and after pic, and send it to me, so that you can inspire other fam to do the same. I will start making albums by location and will tag you in your photo on the Facebook page.

Here is the album for Las Vegas that I’m in the process of working on: Paganism in Vegas

The person who logs the most distance on the Strava group app (intercessory prayer group) each month will get a one on one Google hangouts with me for a private 1 hour+ Bible study / prayer session.

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One thought on “Pray + Snap + Win

  1. pro driver says:

    Howdy so, how I’m able to contribute on the prayer circuit thing? I incorporate driving my route with prayers in areas of my city, Boise. Everyday is different and some familiar places. I like that. Sometimes I have clients onboard and the spirit has moved me to just follow the leading and they are invited to become a part as I drive to their destination exalting the Lord Jesus in a word of prayer. Deets on the specifics some other time. So, an area near BSU is both housing to students and a garden variety of society. One morning while listening to an ACLJ.ORG jay sekulow broadcast I pulled up to the usual area to pick up a client but the spirit was different. I looked over to the apartment immediately on my left and saw something new (pic). Since, I’ve been in a spiritual battlefield as I witness often something very timely, like a fire immediately breaks out, somebody oppressed walks by etc. Etc. You know sis, those “things” that only you see and perceive. One recently, was a woman doing her yoga or pilates but it felt like some more spiritual going on. Avoiding really to seem like a peeping Tom I realized that (I had pulled up to a vantage point barely being able to see her in the living room). I backed the van away, started in the spirit praying and then saw her just loose her core balance!! Never regaining composure. I’m humbled to be a part of all this but it’s very powerful and when the authority calls out through me to address something it helps to just know I have my name written someplace. Take care, AJ

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