YouTube Comment Policy

All comments are approved after moderation. There’s no need to post the same comment multiple times if it does not immediately appear, as all comments are held for review prior to approval.

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10 types of comments that are not approved & result in an automatic ban:

  1. Atheism / God doesn’t exist.
  2. Cessationism
  3. Flat Earth
  4. Legalism (Ex: KJV Only & women can’t wear make-up or jewelry,  telling me to cover up, putting extra Biblical books such as Enoch & Jasher above scripture.)
  5. Personal attacks (All real examples: you’re ugly, you’re a bitch, Jezebel, stop acting “black.”)
  6. Promoting non-Christian religion / theology (ex: Hebrew Israelite, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism, Sacred Names, Seventh Day Adventism theology, etc.)
  7. Sexual comments (sexually suggestive remarks, women are all whores so go MGTOW.)
  8. Spam (Ex: Check out my___, links to unrelated videos.)
  9. Women can’t teach.
  10. False doctrines & scripture twisting (ex: Christians can practice idolatry and be involved in the occult because Jesus died on the cross for their sins, anything written by Paul is heresy, etc.)


Hi everyone,

While YouTube is known for having the worst of the worst people participate in the comment section, these people will no longer have the privilege of participating on Crack Your Bible’s YouTube comment section.

Per usual, when it comes to topics about religion, you will ALWAYS have crazies coming out of the woodwork. Whether they’re preaching a new gospel (Black Hebrew Israelite, Jehovah’s Witness / Flat Earth/ etc) or twisting scripture (no makeup / women not allowed to teach / no profanity/ etc) there will always be people who are coming in to try to stir up dissension.

I have always had this piece of information on my about me page on YouTube:

CrackYourBible About Me Page

I am going to start doing a better job moderating comments after multiple subscribers have reached out to me over this past weekend, privately, to comment on how absurd some of the accusations and crazy doctrines are getting in my comment section.  Specifically, how these comments can confuse new Christians and those who are not Christians, who stumble upon the comments of people with ulterior motives. This cannot continue, especially as content creators have ZERO control over what the algorithm decides to highlight and promote in the comment section. 

Unfortunately, this happens on all channels, but I don’t want my comment section to be a haven for contentious people or those who twist scriptures.

If the comment is not on topic (questions, video suggestions and prayer requests exempt) or contains personal attacks, false accusations or promotes false doctrine, it will no longer be published.

There will now be a 1 strike rule – commenters who violate the rules will be banned from participation in the comment section of CrackYourBible indefinitely, effective immediately. 


🚫 Sometimes glitches arise on YouTube where comments are accidentally deleted. Deleted comments do not necessarily mean a user was banned. If you believe you were banned accidentally (it happens) send me an email ASAP!