I strongly support the right to life, as affirmed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Regardless of size, health, or viability all people have the right to life and no person has the right to take the life of any child.

Alliances, Foreign Aid and Treaties

The government’s job is to maintain that we have “Life, liberty and property.” An unpolluted, biologically-balanced environment is integral to preserving life and property.

Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel, not a federal agency. The Federal Reserve, with the help of the government, controls inflation, economic recessions and depressions. Until fiat money is backed by a commodity and the free market determines interest rates, the people of this nation will be subject to the whims of unelected bankers.

Gun Rights
I affirm the right for people to bear arms as outlined in the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Marriage is a religious institution and the Federal Government should have no place in regulating marriage or issuing licenses for marriages.

Religious Expression
I affirm the right for people to freely exercise their religion in private and public. Pertaining to the government, although the government cannot endorse one specific religious sect (ex: Church of England) the government may hold invocations, which people cannot be forced to participate, and the like.

Social Security
Social Security should not exist. People should not be forced to pay into any sort of savings program. Social Security should be phased out and workers should be able to opt out of this program until it is done away with.

I believe that income taxes are unconstitutional and that the U.S. government should receive the bulk of their money from tariffs. The government has no business taxing people’s property or levying estate taxes.