Christians are TERRIFIED of Jesus’ return?

Every day I receive emails and comments from people who are legitimately afraid of the End Times. While I've recently touched on why people need to get serious about getting right with God, Christians needn't be afraid of the End Times - we've read the back of the book. We win. With that said, … Continue reading Christians are TERRIFIED of Jesus’ return?


Let go of that hamburger! (Jesus already slaughtered your sacred cow.)

I've noticed so many people love me for what I have to say, that I tear down and mock the sacred cows of Churchianity - until it gets time to talk about their Bessie. That cow is sacred, and they leave me in their anger. It's not my message - I'm here to remind everyone that there is not a single sacred cow that Jesus didn't slaughter when He went to the cross and it's time people let go of their hamburgers - that cow is already dead.