Bad Science Scare – Rh types & hybridization of humans?

I've received a very disturbing question enough times that I feel like I need to address this. People are worried that they may be a hybrid because they have Rh- blood.


Turning to psychic when God is silent?

So often, when God doesn't answer a person, they turn to mediums, tarot card readers and psychics. Is this something a Christian can do when they're antsy for an answer and God is silent? Let's #CrackYourBible and find out: 

Let go of that hamburger! (Jesus already slaughtered your sacred cow.)

I've noticed so many people love me for what I have to say, that I tear down and mock the sacred cows of Churchianity - until it gets time to talk about their Bessie. That cow is sacred, and they leave me in their anger. It's not my message - I'm here to remind everyone that there is not a single sacred cow that Jesus didn't slaughter when He went to the cross and it's time people let go of their hamburgers - that cow is already dead.