Genesis 10-12

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Ridiculous “proof:” Why Genesis 10 & 11 doesn’t conflict | Bible Contradictions Explained

From time to time, you’ll run into people who claim the Bible is filled with contradictions. The most absurd claim is that Genesis 10 & 11 conflict – they don’t.

Episode 89 08/14/2017

👪 Biblical genealogies PROVE prophecy!
Why genealogies are necessary to understanding scripture | Genesis 10

While genealogies in the Bible seem pointless, they’re foundational to understanding and verifying prophecy. God wants you to understand His Word!

Episode 92 08/21/2017


🌟 An EPIC beginning! Abram: from PAGAN to Patriarch | Genesis 11

Abram, a man who went from pagan to patriarch, has an epic beginning that starts in the land of Ur. With no family support, Abram is on his own as he rejects the idolatry of his ancestors to follow God to a new land. Could you be like Abram?

Episode 134 11/27/2017

REJECTING God’s Name | Tower of Babel | Genesis 11:1-4

A name is more than a moniker identifying a person – it reveals the inmost depths of your being. What does your name, your SHEM, say about you?

Episode 104 09/18/2017


👻 NEPHILIM SKYSCRAPER (Tower of Babel) Genesis 11:5-9

You don’t know the real story of Satan’s DEMONIC NEPHILIM skyscraper, the Tower of Babel! When things go wrong as they sometimes will, remember – God is in control! When man plots evil, know that God stays true to His promises, and we see that first hand, in the story of the Tower of Babel

Episode 110 10/02/2017


💀 GET ME OUT OF HERE! Why people stopped living so long after the flood | Genesis 11:10-26

Before the flood, Methuselah lived 969 years, but after the flood, people began dying off much earlier. What was going on that people stopped living so long after the flood?

Episode 128 11/13/2017


🌴 Did Abraham marry his sister Sarah?! | Terah’s family tree | Genesis 11:26-32

Did Abraham really marry his sister and why was Terah’s family intermarrying with each other? Learn the truth about Abram and Sarai, Nahor and Milkah. The truth may not be what it seems!

Episode 131 11/20/2017


Abraham saw JESUS 2,000 years before the crucifixion! | Genesis 12:1

Jesus rolled up and ATE with Abraham! Don’t believe it? If nobody has seen the Father but Jesus, who was Abram and all the other Old Testament prophets speaking face to face with?

🐑 Episode 137 12/04/2017


🎒 Jesus wants you to REJECT your family to follow Him? | Genesis 12:1

Abraham left his country, people and family to follow God. But why couldn’t he follow Jesus without leaving home?

Episode 140 12/11/2017


💎 Testing & Refining Your Faith | Biblical Metaphors | Genesis 12:1-3

Why does God test people He loves? If God is all powerful, why won’t God allow us an escape from all trials and tribulation? He’s doing it for your benefit!

Episode 143 12/18/2017


🍆 PAGAN patriarch wanted to be demon GOD Enki | Genesis 12

How was Abram so rich? Terah wasn’t just an idolator and friend of Nimrod, he tried to fashion himself into the Sumerian god Enki, in the flesh.

Episode 146 12/26/2017


😱 The truth about God’s Biblical Blessing revealed (Israel) | Genesis 12:2-3

Will Christians be CURSED if they don’t “Bless Israel?” Do we need to bless Israel? If so, to whom did God say “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse?” The answer will SHOCK you!

Episode 149 01/01/2018


💵 Abraham makes money move (in case you forgot) Genesis 12:4-5

Abraham made MONEY MOVE. Y’all got it twisted. If you think Abram was some broke nomad, you wouldn’t believe the sort of money he had when God told him to roll out of Haran.

Episode 152 01/08/2018


💪 Enemies on every side! (NEPHILIM) | Genesis 12:6-7

Overcome every spiritual attack! When you follow God, Satan will be close behind you. Will you cower in the shadows of giants or praise the God who gives you victory?

Episode 155 01/15/2018


🍒 STARVING! If things weren’t bad enough for Abram, now this? | Genesis 12:9-12

As if giants weren’t bad enough, now this? When Abram followed God’s instruction, it was one terrible thing after another. What can you do when you face the same hardships?

Episode 165 02072018


💍Abram SCAMMING Pharaoh (con gone WRONG!) Genesis 12:10-20

Abram began his long con with a simple white lie, “Say you are my sister.” Pharaoh had no idea what awaited him when Sarai joined his harem.

Episode 169 02/19 /2018


🌴God’s promise to Abram (YOU can claim this inheritance!) | Genesis 12 Overview

It’s a wild ride for Abram after he left his pagan lifestyle behind – giants, famines and a Pharaoh awaited Abram and Co. once he began to follow God. Are you ready to receive the promises God gave Abram in Genesis 12?

Episode 172 02/26/2018