Genesis 13-15

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Genesis 13


Sin can make you rich, but remember, God always repays! Abram thanked God yet didn’t realize his sin was about to catch up to him real quick, regardless!

Episode 178 03122018

🐪 WEALTHIEST PATRIARCH LEAVES FAMILY (Abram & Lot Separate!) | Genesis 13:6-12

Livestock. Silver. Gold – Abram and Lot were loaded with riches and the land couldn’t hold them both. Abram tried to play nice, but playing nice doesn’t change the fact he disobeyed God. And Lot’s about to pay the price for Abram’s error.

Episode 194 04162018

✏️ Sodom & Gomorrah: wicked or Sons of God? (Bible translation error?!) Genesis 13:13

Can we trust the Bible to be accurate when it comes to highly charged topics such as Sodom and Gomorrah – yes, but not if you use Google Translate. Find out why!

Episode 200 04302018

😱WRECKED: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! Learn from Abram’s mistake! | Genesis 13:14-18

If you fight with Jesus for the wheel, you’re going to end up hitting a tree. No matter how faithful you are in some areas, disobedience leads to major detours to God’s plan for your life.

Episode 210 06012018

😥 STRESSED! Abram kicked out of Egypt | Genesis 13 Summary

Famine, giants and now Pharaoh kicked Abram & Lot out of Egypt. Stressed? Nobody knows stress like Abram, and it’s all his fault. What is he going to do? What a disaster!

Episode 211 06052018


Genesis 14

🐪 DISOBEDIENCE was HUGE MISTAKE (Abraham & Lot – Genesis 14)

SHOCKING – disobedience leads to consequences! Too often Christians make the same mistake as Abraham and then blame God for the repercussions of their actions.

Episode 243 10012018