Genesis 4-5

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👶 Was SATAN Cain’s father? (The promise seed of woman) | Genesis 4:1-2

Was the serpent the real father of Cain? Let’s find out! Adam & Eve just got kicked out of Eden. Is Cain their ticket back into the garden? Come find out why God forgives but doesn’t remove consequences for sin.

Episode 26 03/27/2017


🍉 God rejected Cain’s Sacrifice for this 1 obvious reason | Genesis 4:1-16

Counterfeit sacrifices leave God furious – yet Christians offer them daily! Your prayers are unanswered for this one reason – you’re just like Cain!

Episode 29 04012017


😭Mark of Cain (this criminal is a CRY BABY!) | Genesis 4:10-24

Boo Hoo! Poor Cain! Cain, a murderous criminal shows that he doesn’t care about his victim – only that his punishment is “too much to bear.” Let’s check out the Mark of Cain!

Episode 36 04/17/2017

🙏 When Your family doesn’t believe in God | Genesis 4 & 5

Did you grow up as the only believer in your family? You’re not alone! Some of Adam and Eve’s own children were unbelievers, and none but Noah and his family were believers at the time of the flood!

When you’re the only Christian in your family, what can you do? When your family believes the lies Satan, how can you set yourself apart? Your cries fall on deaf ears and your family delights in wickedness – will God save you?

Episode 43 05032017

🔪☠ Golden child became a MURDERER! | Cain & Abel | Genesis 4

Enabling and overindulging your kids is ALWAYS a bad idea. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the story of Cain and Abel, the first child ever born who grew up to become the first murderer.

Episode 114 10/11/2017


💪 SECRET BIBLE CODE! God’s Plan hidden in plain sight | Genesis 5

Names have meaning, and the names of the patriarchs, from Adam to Noah, show God’s plan for humanity’s redemption.

Episode 39 04/24/2017


EXPLOSIVE REVELATION! Jesus’ return & End Time signs found in Genesis 5

Righteous men walked an earth that had descended into chaos and corruption. Yet before Noah, before the Flood, God already told man of His plan for a Messiah – you just have to know where to look to find His plan.

Episode 116 10/16/2017