Genesis 6-9

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⚡ God’s fake demonic sons | Taking the Lord’s name in vain | Genesis 6:1-4

OMG! You’re mistaken about what taking God’s name in vain is. Learn the truth as we study fallen angels & Nephilim. Were they really the Sons of God or did they take this name to seem like they were something that they’re not?

Episode 45 05/08/2017 *Reuploaded*


😍 Who sleeps with FALLEN ANGELS? (Unchecked Hypergamy + Noah’s Ark)

Fallen angels MARRIED HUMANS?! When Genesis 6 talks about the Sons of God and the Daughters of men, it’s time we asked an important question – Why would anyone marry a fallen angel or forgo human men? You’d be shocked to find out it’s the same thing men and women leave their spouses for today!

Episode 47 05122017


☠ Why was God so evil (Genocide in the Old Testament) | Genesis 6:5-6, 12

Why would a loving God, who sent His son, Jesus, to save people, tell the Israelites to kill “every man, woman, child, and animal” in certain towns in the Old Testament?

Episode 48 05/14/2017 *reuploaded*


😫 Are you TOO LAZY to do God’s will?! | Genesis 6:9-22

Christians wonder why God doesn’t use them, but would they obey God’s commands anyway? What if Noah decided building an ark was too much work – would we still be here?

Episode 52 05242017


😈 NEPHILIM hybrids – the KEY to understanding the Bible | Genesis 6

The Greeks knew them as demigods and Titans. The Israelites knew them as Nephilim. There’s a reason that Peter told the Greeks that Satan’s minions were chained in Tartarus, the prison of the Titans – they’re one in the same.

Episode 117 10/18/2017


🙏 Walk by faith when your prayer is unanswered | Genesis 7:1-11

Why does God take so long to answer your prayers or fulfill His plans? How can God expect us to walk by faith when we have so many unanswered prayers?

Before the flood, Noah and his family tirelessly worked for 120 years to build an ark, solely on the promise that a flood would destroy the world. Could you devote 120 years of your life to walk and work in faith of a promise yet to be fulfilled?

Episode 55 05/29/2017 *Reuploaded*

❄ Ice Age & Global Warming Caused by Noah’s Flood | Genesis 7 :10-12

There’s no denying that weather patterns are changing – but is global warming a man-made phenomenon or a return to the Days of Noah and the climate of the pre-flood era?

Episode 71 07/04/2017 *Re-uploaded*


🙉 How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark? | Genesis 7:12-16

While many Christians imagine all different types of animals on Noah’s ark, it may surprise you that like humans, there was only 1 common ancestor of each kind of animal on the ark.

Episode 62 06/12/2017 *reuploaded*


☔ It’s in the layers – SCIENTIFIC PROOF of Noah’s Ark & the global flood | Genesis 7:17-23

Sediment doesn’t form layers over billions of years – whenever matter is in liquid, it quickly settles into layers by density – just like layered shots!

Episode 65 06/19/2017


💧 DEMONS Drowning & family betrayal: the story of Noah’s Ark | Genesis 6-9

Noah’s Ark is WAY darker than you could ever imagine; Nephilim hybrids, debauchery, and death that doesn’t cease whatsoever after the flood. Noah’s son betrayed him as they engaged in a battle for power in this new world. Have you heard the story?

Episode 119 10/23/2017