Adam + Eve

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Crack Your Bible Episode Index of Adam + Eve


👼Satan’s plot to OVERTHROW God before ADAM! | Genesis 1:1-2

He had everything, but he wanted more. He’s the biggest backstabber there ever was and he’s waging war. On this episode of #CrackYourBible, we’re talking about Lucifer – the angel who wanted to replace God.a

Episode 01 01302017

🕊️ Holy Spirit hovering at Creation (Pre-Adamic world?)| Genesis 1:2

God doesn’t create trash – sin does. He’s not about that chaotic life, so He’s about to do something BIG.

Episode 03 02032017

🍎(Original sin) How 1 bite RUINED humanity! | Genesis 3

Why would a loving God allow Adam’s disobedience to cause MASS SUFFERING today? Why would I inherit original sin? When you mess up, your kids suffer. Thanks to one man’s decision, we’re all in trouble.

Episode 04 02062017

Jesus in Genesis – the Trinity at Creation | Genesis 1:1-3

Jesus is the one who SPOKE creation into motion. Here’s the undeniable proof of the Trinity in Genesis!

God’s back at it again. This time, He’s not only recreating everything on the earth, He’s creating Man.

Episode 05 02082017


💖 Loneliness is no excuse for failing to honor God’s timeline | Genesis 2

For Christian singles, God has a hierarchy and a timeline – if you want to do things out of order, you’re on notice – you’re going to have a rough ride in life. Don’t propose until you’ve checked off this one box!

Episode 06 02122017

Satan’s plan to TRICK you into HELL (Celebrities fall for it) | Genesis 3:1-5

Satan uses empty promises to convince you into following him into Hell! If you could build kingdoms and fortunes for a time, at the expense of everything you know and love dying – would you?

Episode 08 02162017

🍃 Adam & Eve were Rebellious, Mouthy & Naked | Genesis 3:6-13

What do Danielle Bregoli (Cash Me Outside girl) & Adam have in common? They’re both mouthy fools who don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Episode 10 02202017


Curses & Crushing the Head of Serpents | Genesis 3:14-15

Why did Jesus step on a snake’s head in The Passion of the Christ movie? That wasn’t in the Bible! Oh, but it was. 4,000 years prior, God put a curse on Satan with a promise that Jesus would crush his head.

Episode 14 02272017


Your prayers are unanswered because you’re SPOILED! | Genesis 3:17-19

Modern Christians act like Adam at the fall – Adam thought he could have his cake and eat it too – but God doesn’t work that way!

Episode 20 03132017


What Did Adam & Eve Eat? + Vegas KBBQ | #CrackYourBible Vlog

What was the forbidden fruit that Adam & Eve ate? What did they eat in the Garden of Eden?

Episode 21 03152017


Why God requires death as payment for sin | Genesis 3:21-24

When Adam & Eve sinned, they covered themselves with fig leaves but Jesus sacrificed an animal to cover them with fur. Why did an animal have to die?

Episode 24 03222017


🍎🐍 Congratulations, you PLAYED yourself Adam & Eve | Genesis 1-3

This fool Adam is giving attitude to God! What really went down in the Garden of Eden and why are we still dealing with the idiotic choices of Adam and Eve?

Episode 113 10/09/2017