Afterlife – Heaven & Hell

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CRACK YOUR BIBLE EPISODE INDEX OF Afterlife episodes on Heaven & Hell


🏅 How Fake Christians are like Spartan Race Cheaters

You might skip half of the obstacles, forget to do burpees and still take home a prize. You might cheat at the Spartan Race, you might cheat yourself, but in God’s race, only a true victor takes home the prize.

Episode 23 03/20/2017


🌧 People who NEVER hear the gospel (SHOCKING PROOF)

Native tribes CONFIRM the Biblical account of the flood. But how? While names and small details may be different due to Satan’s twisting of the story, one thing’s for sure – there was a global flood thanks to man’s wickedness. This is the global flood story of the Ute Tribe of Colorado.

Episode 53 05262017


👼 Will you see your pet in Heaven You’ll be shocked!

Will you see your pet in Heaven? The answer will SHOCK you! While animals live in the same fallen world as humans, does God let pets and other animals go to Heaven?

Episode 64 06162017


🔮 Using a PSYCHIC to contact a dead loved one? | Christian Issues

When a loved one passes on, is it okay to try to contact them from beyond the grave? What does the Bible say about Christians using psychics, tarot or fortune tellers?

Episode 66 06212017


No deathbed confession: accepting Jesus | Christian Issues

What is your plan if you don’t get a deathbed confession? Are you wasting your period of grace?

Episode 86 08/07/2017


🔥 Lake of FIRE: Experiencing God’s Glory without a glorified body

If God is a loving God, why does He torture people who reject Him? Isn’t there a less painful alternative for unbelievers?

Episode 145 12/22/2017


💀 Where you REALLY go when you die! (Heaven, Hell & Sheol)

Where do you go when you die? Does your soul sleep? If you died tonight, where are you going? Too many Christians are confused by goofy theology teaching heresies such as soul sleep or no Heaven or Hell. Crack Your Bible to find out the truth!

Episode 156 01/18/2018


😱 Keep the faith – don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit (Are you at risk of falling away?)

Afraid you’ve committed the unpardonable sin? Worried that you may have blasphemed the Holy Spirit? Have you fallen so far that you’ve lost your relationship with God? Let’s talk about it!

Episode 173 02282018


💀Repentance for taking the MARK OF THE BEAST?! (blaspheme the Holy Spirit)

God is divorced and even He will not allow remarriage to the original spouse! If you leave and take the mark of the beast, do you think God will take you back?

Episode 174 03022018