Biblical Literary Devices

Figures of Speech


CRIME in the vineyard: Noah’s son Ham | Genesis 9:18-28

SO GROSS! Noah drank too much before he went to “be fruitful and multiply” with his wife – unfortunately, HIS OWN SON, Ham, got to her first.

Episode 80 07/24/2017


😲 Swearing, Cussing & Biblical Profanity (Your Bible is being CENSORED!)

Isaiah compared our righteousness to FILTHY USED TAMPONS. Jesus told his apostles to respond to a town’s rejection with an obscene gesture. Paul himself tells people, “HELL NO, we’re not going to keep on sinning.” So why are Christians so offended by strong language?

Episode 192 04122018


Flash Forward

Do Genesis 10 & 11 CONFLICT? | Bible Contradictions Explained

From time to time, you’ll run into people who claim the Bible is filled with contradictions. The most absurd claim is that Genesis 10 & 11 conflict – they don’t.

Episode 89 08/14/2017



🏖 House Built Upon the Sand EXPLAINED | Biblical Metaphors

After so many false end time predictions, why is it that Christians continue to fall for these obvious false teachings? To find the answer, look at their foundation!

Episode 107 09/25/2017


🍇 Grafted In to the Vine | Biblical Metaphors | Napa Valley

While Western Christians are far removed from the agricultural societies that were so common during Biblical times, the metaphors may seem strange. What does it mean to “bear good fruit” or that we’ll be “grafted into the vine?”

Episode 108 09/27/2017


✂ Every Branch that bears fruit He Prunes EXPLAINED | Biblical Metaphors

Does it seem like God is punishing you, even if you’re doing God’s will? How can a Christian become a better witness for God? To understand what is going on, look to the metaphors of the Bible!

Episode 109 09/29/2017


🔥 Seared Conscience Explained | Biblical Metaphors | 1 Timothy 4:2

Do you worry that you’ve committed a huge sin? Worried that you blasphemed the Holy Spirit? Are you convinced that you have a “seared conscience” and you’re concerned for your eternal future because of these things? STOP!

Episode 118 10/20/2017


💎 Testing & Refining Your Faith | Biblical Metaphors | Genesis 12:1-3

Why does God test people He loves? If God is all powerful, why won’t God allow us an escape from all trials and tribulation? He’s doing it for your benefit!

Episode 143 12/18/2017


🍰 Leaven symbolism (Gluten free Bible study) | Biblical Metaphors Explained

Pi day is a great day to talk about leaven! With Passover & the Feast of Unleavened at the end of the month, let’s talk about the symbolism of leaven in the Bible!

Episode 179 03142018

🍞 Leaven of the Pharisees symbolism (It’s NOT about bread!) | Biblical Metaphors | Matthew 15 & 16

But I’m a good person! KJV only! I don’t wear makeup! We don’t use instruments! The leaven of the Pharisees has seeped into the Church – has it infiltrated your church?

Episode 180 03/16/2017


⚔ 7 Pieces of the Armor of God Explained (How to use) | Biblical Metaphors Explained

Satan’s going to knock you out with a Spiritual Lego if you don’t suit up with the FULL armor of God. Stop walking into the enemy’s territory with a helmet and nothing else. Let’s get ready to rumble in Satan’s territory.

Episode 228 08092018