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False Teachers & Lukewarm Believers

Confession: I’m a Christian & I think church is pointless | End Time Signs

If I’m going to wake up at 7 AM on a weekend, it better count. I’m a Christian & I believe that the Western Church today is a pointless waste of time.

Episode 02 02/01/2017


Blame Seeker Friendly Churches for Milo Yiannopoulos + PC Culture

Remember when Conservatives fancied themselves the bastions of traditional family values and prided themselves on being founded on “Christian moral values.” How is it that Milo Yiannopoulos is the face of the political right in 2017?

Episode 11 02222017


If you have this translation, BURN THIS BIBLE! (NEW AGE INFILTRATION!)

Like Acts 19:19, if you have this version of the “Bible,” burn it. If your Church uses it, confront your pastor!

Episode 19 03/10/2017


🏅 How Fake Christians are like Spartan Race Cheaters

You might skip half of the obstacles, forget to do burpees and still take home a prize. You might cheat at the Spartan Race, you might cheat yourself, but in God’s race, only a true victor takes home the prize.

Episode 23 03/20/2017


Sexual Predators in the Pulpit – Saddleback Church | Christian Issues

This week 32 year old Ruven / Ruben Meulenberg, author, video game designer and youth ministry volunteer at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, was arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct with two 14 year old boys. Why are sexual predators in the pulpit?

Episode 54 05272017

Blind leading the blind – how NOT to be an incompetent witness for Christ

There’s a growing problem in the church – leaders who don’t know the Bible who are leading the flock. These signs of a bad pastor are so prevalent, and so many are not fit to lead, that Christians are completely inept at sharing their faith with others. What is the solution?

Episode 70 06302017


EXPOSED! Virtue signaling is the fruit of Pharisees

“My thoughts and prayers are with you!” You’ve seen those empty words plastered online, everywhere. But Christians are called to help through their actions, not in words alone.

Episode 96 08/30/2017


DEUCES! Walking away from fake Christians

We’re engaged in an uphill battle against the masses of fake Christians who pervert the Gospel and turn off unbelievers. What should we do?

Episode 102 09/13/2017

🙊 You’re COMPLICIT – Cowardly Christians are GUILTY!

Your silences proves you’re guilty before God! How is it that evil people are allowed to victimize so many people? Unfortunately, whether it’s Hollywood or your local church, people are more than willing to be complicit in others’ sins. Are you a complicit Christian or Salt of the Earth?

Episode 115 10/13/2017


😱 Pastor’s son converts to ATHEISM on a mission trip?! The problem with Christian Missions

Churches are funding trips where there’s not a single convert. Why aren’t churches seeing the same numbers of conversions that Paul or other missionaries up through the 20th centuries had? The answer may surprise you!

Episode 127 11/10/2017


⛪ Is your lukewarm pastor actually an ATHEIST? | The Clergy Project

Is your church a waste of time? Is your pastor building up your faith or leaving you with more unanswered questions? Maybe your lukewarm pastor is actually an atheist!

Episode 129 11/15/2017


🤢 LUKEWARM Christians make me SICK! (Cowardly Christianity) | Revelation 3:16

Lukewarm Christians disgust me. They’re filth. Garbage. Good for nothing. It’s time to vomit out the poison coming from these fake brothers and preach the whole counsel of God.

Episode 209 05292018



🍺 Jesus sippin’ alcohol: Imbibing & the Bible | Christian Issues

Can Christians drink alcohol? Psalm 31:6 says “Give liquor to someone who is perishing, & wine to someone who is deeply depressed.”

Episode 84 08/02/2017

🍷 Yayin Prophecy (Sanctification wine) – What the Jews don’t know about Passover Pt. 10

Satan wants to take away the symbol of your Sabbath rest by promoting abstinence from wine. What is it about this drink, “yayin” that has Satan so bent out of shape?

Episode 191 04092018


😱 EVERY Christian needs this Holy Spirit gift!

What are they smoking? No matter how INSANE the theology, Christians are taking the bait, hook, line and sinker. Without discernment Christians are at serious risk of falling away from the faith! Don’t be FOOLISH!

Episode 164 02052018

Bad Words / Profanity / Offensive Language

Why “family-friendly” Christians turn people off from the gospel | Christian Issues

Sex, murder & demons – they’re a constant theme in the Bible. So why is it that Christians are dead set on only being “family-friendly” while shunning anything not appropriate for a 5 year old?

Episode 72 07/05/2017

🔥 Righteous Anger (Put bullies in their place!)

When people abuse others, it’s time to regulate! You are your brother’s keeper and Christians have an obligation to step up and stand in the gap for those who cannot speak for themselves, at all costs.

Episode 190 04062018

😲 Swearing, Cussing & Biblical Profanity (Your Bible is being CENSORED!)

Isaiah compared our righteousness to FILTHY USED TAMPONS. Jesus told his apostles to respond to a town’s rejection with an obscene gesture. Paul himself tells people, “HELL NO, we’re not going to keep on sinning.” So why are Christians so offended by strong language?

Episode 192 04122018



Gambling – even a Christian can do it!

While pastors will tell you that gambling is a sin, the Bible does not! The traditions of men don’t supersede the Word of God. Forget made-up fence laws, because we’re diving in.

Episode 94 08/25/2017



(CHRISTIAN PARODY) Sackcloth + Ashes Lookbook 2017 MODEST FASHION

Christians dress like they’re going to the whorehouse, so check out Sackcloth + Ashes Lookbook 2017 for the top tips to look HOLY AF (“as fudge,” *obvi*) when you roll through to church.

Tired of people not noticing how modest you are? Want to step up your witness? Tired of floozies leading your Christian brothers to stumble in their walk with the Lord? Then check out #CrackYourBible for THE MODEST IS HOTTEST Runway Summer 2017 Sackcloth + Ashes lookbook. Learn the top tips for shining your light and being a city on a hill. Make sure everyone around you knows that it’s not what’s on the outside that makes you holy, it’s what’s on the inside that counts by wearing the MOST HOLY FASHIONS that you can make today!

Episode 73 07072017


💅 Christian Beauty – what the Bible says about Jewelry & Makeup

Whenever a Christian woman puts on makeup, there’s a random man not far behind her telling her that she looks like a harlot. What does the Bible actually say about makeup, jewelry and other beauty treatments? Let’s put this to rest once and for all!

Episode 122 10/30/2017


😲 Prophets Preached Nude! (Being All Things to All People) | Modesty Pt. 1

Worldly Christian or effective witnessing? We see Paul said he became all things to all people, so why do Christians today care more about keeping their style of dress than witnessing to people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus?

Episode 199 04282018


😈 Modesty CULTURE is SATANIC (What does God say about you?) | Modesty Pt. 2

Is Satan using you to do his dirty work? The Accuser of the Brethren is utilizing Christians to do his will – to tear down Christians and hide sin. One of Satan’s biggest tools against believers is “modesty culture.” How?

Episode 201 05032018


😍 Lust of the flesh is NOT arousal + attraction! (Modesty Culture gets it WRONG!) | Modesty Pt. 3

Modesty culture is crippling Christian men & women, while simultaneously covering up the sexual sin of predators in the church. It’s time to set the record straight while setting the captives free!

Episode 202 05072018


🙇 Modesty CULTURE puts women above JESUS (Like the Gnostics!) | Modesty Pt. 4

Modesty culture is teaching a Gnostic gospel – one where women sacrifice their beauty to prevent sin. Women’s superficial looks are elevated above the finished work on the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Episode 203 05102018


💅 EXCUSE MY BEAUTY (Biblical STUMBLING BLOCK?!) | Romans 14 | Modesty Pt. 5

“Don’t be a stumbling block to your brother?” This scripture has been twisted more than a dish rag to tell the stronger to give up their Christian liberty. We’re going verse by verse through Romans 14 to see what this scripture ACTUALLY says and who it is directed toward.

Episode 205 05152018


💅 She’s definitely a Jezebel DEMON | Discernment of Spirits Pt. 1

Are women REALLY filled with a Jezebel spirit? How is it that so many CHRISTIAN women are crawling with a Jezebel DEMON? If demons aren’t omnipresent, and we can’t be possessed by another human’s spirit, it sounds like it’s time we CRACK YOUR BIBLE to see what the Bible says about a Jezebel Spirit.

Episode 232 08202018

If you’ve ever said, “But that’s not what it means to me, God knows my heart!” This video is for you: 

💅 Jezebel LOVES your church! | Discernment of Spirits Pt. 2

Jezebel’s sin is something SO many Christians do, yet they are NEVER accused of having a Jezebel Spirit. Jezebel has EVVVVVERYONE up in here according to Christian men. Who is Jezebel and what was her real sin that MOST church-goers commit today? It sounds like it’s time we CRACK YOUR BIBLE to see what the Bible says about a Jezebel Spirit.

Episode 233 08282018