Marriage & Divorce

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😍 Who sleeps with FALLEN ANGELS? (Unchecked Hypergamy + Noah’s Ark)

Fallen angels MARRIED HUMANS?! When Genesis 6 talks about the Sons of God and the Daughters of men, it’s time we asked an important question – Why would anyone marry a fallen angel or forgo human men? You’d be shocked to find out it’s the same thing men and women leave their spouses for today!

Episode 47 05122017


💍 What the Bible ACTUALLY teaches about submission will shock you

Does God say that men are superior to women? If men aren’t superior, then why are women told to submit themselves to their husbands?

Episode 67 06232017


👵 In-Law OVERLOAD & DYSFUNCTIONAL Christian marriage?!

In-laws coming over too much? Does your spouse need to cut the umbilical cord already? If you’re married, it’s time you put your spouse first! Stop in-law overload and dysfunctional Christian marriage!

Episode 132 11/22/2017


💔 Christian Domestic Violence Pt. 1 (Can you say NO to your spouse?)

Preachers are going to get people killed with lazy & bad advice when it comes to domestic violence. It’s time the Church stops hiding its terrible secret – domestic abuse.

Episode 175 03052018
💔Christian Domestic Violence Pt. 1 (Can you say NO to your spouse?)

💔 Christian Domestic Violence Pt. 2 (Is abuse grounds for DIVORCE?)

If God hates divorce, but God Himself gave Israel a certificate of divorce, can you divorce an abusive spouse? What options does a Christian have when facing an abusive spouse?

Episode 176 03072018