Demons + Nephilim

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😈 NEPHILIM hybrids – the KEY to understanding the Bible | Genesis 6

The Greeks knew them as demigods and Titans. The Israelites knew them as Nephilim. There’s a reason that Peter told the Greeks that Satan’s minions were chained in Tartarus, the prison of the Titans – they’re one in the same.

Episode 117 10/18/2017

Sleeping with Demons, Ghosts & Spirits | Days of Noah

Celebrities and even regular people are bragging about “having sex with ghosts” –why would you want to sleep with a demon… like women in the Bible did…

Episode 44 05/05/2017


⚡ God’s fake demonic sons | Taking the Lord’s name in vain | Genesis 6:1-4

OMG! You’re mistaken about what taking God’s name in vain is. Learn the truth as we study fallen angels & Nephilim. Were they really the Sons of God or did they take this name to seem like they were something that they’re not?

Episode 45 05/08/2017 *Reuploaded*


😍 Who sleeps with FALLEN ANGELS? (Unchecked Hypergamy + Noah’s Ark)

Fallen angels MARRIED HUMANS?! When Genesis 6 talks about the Sons of God and the Daughters of men, it’s time we asked an important question – Why would anyone marry a fallen angel or forgo human men? You’d be shocked to find out it’s the same thing men and women leave their spouses for today!

Episode 47 05122017


The Great Deception – Aliens in the End Days | End Time Signs

They have a secret agenda to send you to Hell and have the full cooperation of governments and religious leaders. What could make Christians leave their faith in droves? What could deceive “even the Elect?” ALIENS!

Episode 69 06282018


CRIME in the vineyard: Noah’s son Ham | Genesis 9:18-28

SO GROSS! Noah drank too much before he went to “be fruitful and multiply” with his wife – unfortunately, HIS OWN SON, Ham, got to her first.

Episode 80 07/24/2017


⚔️ Overcome every Demonic Attack! (Armor of God)

When Christians are hurt or massacred in their own churches, don’t ask where God is, put on your armor and MOUNT UP against the schemes of the devil. Don’t ask why Christians suffer, ask how to overcome suffering through Jesus Christ!

Episode 125 11/06/2017


👻 Shekinah Demon INVITED to church (worship leaders keep falling for this heresy!)

Demons are being called to fill the sanctuary of YOUR church while denying the power of the Cross! Top worship leaders are falling for a heresy straight from the pit of Hell!

Episode 151 01/05/2018

🐠Normalizing NEPHILIM?! The Shape of Water (Hollywood’s END TIME SIGNS!)

Hollywood teaches what your pastor won’t preach! Why is it that Hollywood is telling us obscure truths from the Bible concerning Nephilim but your pastor stays silent?

Episode 177 03092018

🐚 Nephilim Fossil or Mimetolith? (The rocks were ALIVE?!)

“We were like grasshoppers in their sight!” If the giants were huge and prolific throughout the land, where are their bodies? Some posit that their fossils are scattered in plain sight – but what do you believe?

Episode 193 04142018