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Stop Dragging Your Sick Kid to Church | Christian Issues

Why is it that Christians act like rude fools by dragging their sick kids to church on the regular? Should Christians skip church when sick?

Episode 51 05222017


Unfair God REWARDS EVIL people? | Malachi 3:13-15 (Angry With God)

Why has God allowed bad things to happen to you while bad people seemingly go unpunished? Ever wonder what’s the point of following God when you’re not seeing results?

Episode 111 10/04/2017


☹ Use God’s treatment for DEPRESSION! (Christian mental health)

God works through doctors! While society likes to keep mental health issues hush-hush, Christians needn’t fear talking about their struggles or utilizing the services of a medical professional.

Episode 112 10/06/2017


💪 BE HEALED! Satan’s SCHEMES are NO MATCH for God’s power!

Stop hoping and start believing the Word of God for your supernatural healing and restoration! We serve a faithful God who answers ANY prayer no matter how small. Believe God today!

Episode 226 07312017