(CHRISTIAN PARODY) Sackcloth + Ashes Lookbook 2017 MODEST FASHION

Christians dress like they’re going to the whorehouse, so check out Sackcloth + Ashes Lookbook 2017 for the top tips to look HOLY AF (“as fudge,” *obvi*) when you roll through to church.

Tired of people not noticing how modest you are? Want to step up your witness? Tired of floozies leading your Christian brothers to stumble in their walk with the Lord? Then check out #CrackYourBible for THE MODEST IS HOTTEST Runway Summer 2017 Sackcloth + Ashes lookbook. Learn the top tips for shining your light and being a city on a hill. Make sure everyone around you knows that it’s not what’s on the outside that makes you holy, it’s what’s on the inside that counts by wearing the MOST HOLY FASHIONS that you can make today!

Episode 73 07072017



💅 Christian Beauty – what the Bible says about Jewelry & Makeup

Whenever a Christian woman puts on makeup, there’s a random man not far behind her telling her that she looks like a harlot. What does the Bible actually say about makeup, jewelry and other beauty treatments? Let’s put this to rest once and for all!

Episode 122 10/30/2017


😲 Prophets Preached Nude! (Being All Things to All People) | Modesty Pt. 1

Worldly Christian or effective witnessing? We see Paul said he became all things to all people, so why do Christians today care more about keeping their style of dress than witnessing to people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus?

Episode 199 04282018

😈 Modesty CULTURE is SATANIC (What does God say about you?) | Modesty Pt. 2

Is Satan using you to do his dirty work? The Accuser of the Brethren is utilizing Christians to do his will – to tear down Christians and hide sin. One of Satan’s biggest tools against believers is “modesty culture.” How?

Episode 201 05032018

😍 Lust of the flesh is NOT arousal + attraction! (Modesty Culture gets it WRONG!) | Modesty Pt. 3

Modesty culture is crippling Christian men & women, while simultaneously covering up the sexual sin of predators in the church. It’s time to set the record straight while setting the captives free!

Episode 202 05072018

🙇 Modesty CULTURE puts women above JESUS (Like the Gnostics!) | Modesty Pt. 4

Modesty culture is teaching a Gnostic gospel – one where women sacrifice their beauty to prevent sin. Women’s superficial looks are elevated above the finished work on the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Episode 203 05102018

💅 EXCUSE MY BEAUTY (Biblical STUMBLING BLOCK?!) | Romans 14 | Modesty Pt. 5

“Don’t be a stumbling block to your brother?” This scripture has been twisted more than a dish rag to tell the stronger to give up their Christian liberty. We’re going verse by verse through Romans 14 to see what this scripture ACTUALLY says and who it is directed toward.

Episode 205 05152018