End Time Events & Rapture

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CRACK YOUR BIBLE EPISODE INDEX OF End Time Events & Rapture Episodes

⏰ Company prepares employees to take MARK OF THE BEAST (Epicenter RFID Chips)

SHOCKING! Boss microchips employees. Will your company be next? Why is a 2 year old story about Epicenter chipping their employees suddenly in the news today?

Episode 30 04052017


✨ Popular RAPTURE theory proves SJW INFLUENCE in Church

Feminized churches prepare you for HELL with this POPULAR rapture theory! This doctrine of demons is being taught from the biggest pulpits in America. And it’s going to lead people to Hell!

Episode 32 04072017


🤘 You’ll take the Mark of the Beast (most likely!) | End Time Signs

While most Christians say they’ll reject taking the Mark of the Beast, the refusal to give up even the most pagan-steeped traditions shows that most people won’t pay the price it costs to follow Jesus until the End.

Episode 97 09012017


The Great Deception – Aliens in the End Days | End Time Signs

They have a secret agenda to send you to Hell and have the full cooperation of governments and religious leaders. What could make Christians leave their faith in droves? What could deceive “even the Elect?” ALIENS!

Episode 69 06282018


Sleeping with Demons, Ghosts & Spirits | Days of Noah

Celebrities and even regular people are bragging about “having sex with ghosts” –why would you want to sleep with a demon… like women in the Bible did…

Episode 44 05/05/2017



“There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves.” – Luke 21:24 These things must happen, so like French Montana, Jesus tells us, “don’t panic!”

Episode 101 09/11/2017


🎺 What the Jewish people don’t know about Rosh Hashanah | Holy Days

The Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah, the “Head of the Year” – while Jewish tradition claims this holiday represents the birth of Adam and Eve, a time of judgement and is a time for reflection on God as King, there’s something missing from their celebration.

Episode 105 09/20/2017


☄ RAPTURE READY: Calculating Jesus’ Return | End Time Signs

With so many signs in the heavens, how can we know when Jesus is returning? Should we even bother trying to calculate specific dates or times? Is the rapture happening soon?

Episode 106 09/22/2017


🔥 Lake of FIRE: Experiencing God’s Glory without a glorified body

If God is a loving God, why does He torture people who reject Him? Isn’t there a less painful alternative for unbelievers?

Episode 145 12/22/2017


👁 Satan is using this one tool to silence Christians (it’s happening right now!)

While regimes across the world physically prevent Christians from sharing the gospel, in the Western world, Satan is using a covert tactic to prevent your witness to the world. What can you do?

Episode 167 02122018

💀Repentance for taking the MARK OF THE BEAST?! (blaspheme the Holy Spirit)

God is divorced and even He will not allow remarriage to the original spouse! If you leave and take the mark of the beast, do you think God will take you back?

Episode 174 03022018



A new Temple Shekel featuring both Cyrus the Great & Trump – AND THE THIRD TEMPLE shows us that the antichrist’s temple will soon be built. Get ready, Christians!

Episode 204 05112018