Sex In General

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💋 Masturbation & non-procreative sex in the Bible (Your pastor has it WRONG!) | Genesis 38

What does the Bible say about masturbation? Almost every pastor doesn’t understand this story – and it’s ruining sex lives everywhere.

Episode 68 06/23/2017


Sex – Why does God have so many rules? Pt. 1 | Christian Issues

Why does God have so many rules when it comes to having sex? What’s the point of all of these rules? Does it even matter what people do behind closed doors? Find out the scientific reasons that God cares about your bedroom habits!

Episode 81 07/26/2017


Sexual Sin & Horniness – God’s remedy | Biblical Sex Pt. 2 | Christian Issues

Only 5% of brides are virgins on their wedding day*, yet Christians feel intense shame over premarital sex. Is there a Biblical solution to struggling with sexual urges while still honoring God? YES! And nobody is talking about it!

Episode 82 07/29/2017

😍 Lust of the flesh is NOT arousal + attraction! (Modesty Culture gets it WRONG!) | Modesty Pt. 3

Modesty culture is crippling Christian men & women, while simultaneously covering up the sexual sin of predators in the church. It’s time to set the record straight while setting the captives free!

Episode 202 05072018


Sleeping with Demons, Ghosts & Spirits | Days of Noah

Celebrities and even regular people are bragging about “having sex with ghosts” –why would you want to sleep with a demon… like women in the Bible did…

Episode 44 05/05/2017