Speaking in Tongues

😭Jesus calls you A WICKED SERVANT if you don’t do this (spiritual gift) | Prayer Power Pt. 1

Jesus’ last words before He went to the Cross and the very first fruit of the Spirit, at the birth of the Church, was centered around this one action. If you don’t use this gift, you’re in TROUBLE!

Episode 214 06192018


🙏 God doesn’t answer TRASH prayers (How to get God to answer) | Prayer Power Pt. 2

Satan loves that most prayers are absolute garbage, barely an afterthought, and yet Christians get upset when God doesn’t answer their prayer! God doesn’t want your half-hearted requests where you then ghost until you run out of cash or favors. Learn how to pray in such a way where not even Satan can hear you!

Episode 215 06212018


💥 SATAN can’t beat this SPIRITUAL WEAPON (are you using it?) | Prayer Power Pt. 3

Satan has you feeling embarrassed to fight back while he beats you to a pulp. When are you going to stop allowing Satan to humiliate you into NOT using your most powerful weapon against him? It’s time to become BOLD, believer!

Episode 216 06262018


😲 Pastors refuse to teach you this 1 powerful prayer | Prayer Power Pt. 4

False teachers & Satan have dreaded this video because God is about to ignite your most powerful gift against spiritual wickedness. It’s time to get filled with the Holy Spirit today.

Episode 217 06282018


🔑 How to unlock your SPIRITUAL ARMOR | Prayer Power 2 Pt. 1

God promises us NINE spiritual gifts, but without this one key – your armor is USELESS against the schemes of the Devil.

Episode 218 07042018


👅 Intercessors use this powerful tool to defeat Satan every time | Prayer Power 2 Pt. 2

Shockingly simple tool to increase answered prayer goes unused by most Christians. There is strength in numbers, so it’s time for you to join other prayer warriors to stand against our supernatural enemy – Satan.

Episode 219 07062018


👹 Hollywood’s famous monsters are Satan’s POWERFUL DEMONS | Prayer Power 2 Pt. 3

Christians everywhere are shockingly unprepared for Satan’s most basic attacks! Satan is sending his most powerful demons – are you prepared?

Episode 220 07102018



Are you prepared to face spiritual attack from powerful demons? Demons are attracted to Christians who pray like this!

Episode 221 07132018