What does the Bible say about x?

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🍺 REAL TRUTH about alcohol in the Bible (Jesus drank wine!)

Can Christians drink alcohol? Psalm 31:6 says “Give liquor to someone who is perishing, & wine to someone who is deeply depressed.”

Episode 84 08/02/2017

🍷 Yayin Prophecy (Sanctification wine) – What the Jews don’t know about Passover Pt. 10

Satan wants to take away the symbol of your Sabbath rest by promoting abstinence from wine. What is it about this drink, “yayin” that has Satan so bent out of shape?

Episode 191 04092018


Depression / Mental Health:

☹ Use God’s treatment for DEPRESSION! (Christian mental health)

God works through doctors! While society likes to keep mental health issues hush-hush, Christians needn’t fear talking about their struggles or utilizing the services of a medical professional.

Episode 112 10/06/2017

Drugs / Intoxication:

💨Can Christians participate in 4/20 or use drugs? (is Intoxication a sin?)

Faded, drank, faded, drank… As recreational drugs become legal, are Christians allowed to smoke weed, participate in 4/20 or use other drugs? Didn’t God give us all herbs? What does the Bible say about drug use?

Episode 196 04202018


Money / Finance

Gambling – even a Christian can do it!

While pastors will tell you that gambling is a sin, the Bible does not! The traditions of men don’t supersede the Word of God. Forget made-up fence laws, because we’re diving in.

Episode 94 08/25/2017

💰 Are Christians required to TITHE? (Shocking TRUTH) Part 1

(NOT PROSPERITY GOSPEL) Pastors who tell you to tithe for the purpose of receiving a financial blessing are cursing their flock! Learn the real truth about the Biblical tithe for today’s Christians – is it even required for God’s people?

Episode 238 09132018

Are Christians required to tithe (Shocking TRUTH) Part 2

(NOT PROSPERITY GOSPEL) You have a kingdom job directly tied to your secular job here on Earth – and Satan wants you to forget that. Every Christian has a role in God’s Kingdom, and while not everyone is a standard bearer, every Christian is a warrior.

Episode 240 09212018

Why “family-friendly” Christians turn people off from the gospel | Christian Issues

Sex, murder & demons – they’re a constant theme in the Bible. So why is it that Christians are dead set on only being “family-friendly” while shunning anything not appropriate for a 5 year old?

Episode 72 07/05/2017

🔥 Righteous Anger (Put bullies in their place!)

When people abuse others, it’s time to regulate! You are your brother’s keeper and Christians have an obligation to step up and stand in the gap for those who cannot speak for themselves, at all costs.

Episode 190 04062018

😲 Swearing, Cussing & Biblical Profanity (Your Bible is being CENSORED!)

Isaiah compared our righteousness to FILTHY USED TAMPONS. Jesus told his apostles to respond to a town’s rejection with an obscene gesture. Paul himself tells people, “HELL NO, we’re not going to keep on sinning.” So why are Christians so offended by strong language?

Episode 192 04122018



👑 Living like KINGS! See God’s blessing in your life! (NOT PROSPERITY GOSPEL)

Times are crazy but God has blessed you beyond the wildest dreams of people who lived less than 100 years ago. Are you blind to God’s blessings?

Episode 168 02162018


🕵 Identity CRISIS! What does God say about you? (Identity in Christ)

When everyone around us seems to be doing bigger and better things, how can we ever measure up before God? If we’re going to carry out God’s plan for our life, we have to know our identity in Christ Jesus first!

Episode 170 02/19 /2018