If you’ve ever said, “But that’s not what it means to me, God knows my heart!” This video is for you: 

💅 Jezebel LOVES your church! | Discernment of Spirits Pt. 2

Jezebel’s sin is something SO many Christians do, yet they are NEVER accused of having a Jezebel Spirit. Jezebel has EVVVVVERYONE up in here according to Christian men. Who is Jezebel and what was her real sin that MOST church-goers commit today? It sounds like it’s time we CRACK YOUR BIBLE to see what the Bible says about a Jezebel Spirit.

Episode 233 08282018

😡 You’re QUITTING pagan holidays?! (HOW TO)

How to tell you’re family & kids you’re DONE celebrating pagan holidays. Christians, it’s time to have those awkward family conversations before the holidays!

Episode 246 10112018

🐰 Colossians 2? DEBUNK PHONY CHRISTIANS’ Stupidity!

How to respond when phony Christians tell you that Colossians 2 gives you the freedom in Christ to celebrate pagan holidays! Debunk this ABSURD twisting of scripture!

Episode 247 10162018


🎄(HUGE PROPHECY) The WEEK & YEAR Jesus was actually born REVEALED!

Was Jesus born on December 25? What year was Jesus born? Is Christmas Jesus’ birthday? Should Christians even celebrate Christmas? We’re tackling how to calculate Jesus (and John the Baptist) date of conception to figure out their birthdays.

Episode 141 12/14/2017


🎄 Should Christians celebrate Christmas? | Christmas & Chanukah

While God tells us in Deuteronomy 12 not to repurpose pagan worship for Him, Christians all over the world cry, “but that’s not what it means to me!” while giving demons a legal right into your home.

Episode 144 12/20/2017