Rosh Hashanah / Feast of Trumpets / Jewish New Year

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CRACK YOUR BIBLE EPISODE INDEX OF Rosh Hashanah / Feast of Trumpets / Jewish New Year Episodes

🎺 What the Jewish people don’t know about Rosh Hashanah | Holy Days

The Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah, the “Head of the Year” – while Jewish tradition claims this holiday represents the birth of Adam and Eve, a time of judgement and is a time for reflection on God as King, there’s something missing from their celebration.

Episode 105 09/20/2017


☄ RAPTURE READY: Calculating Jesus’ Return | End Time Signs

With so many signs in the heavens, how can we know when Jesus is returning? Should we even bother trying to calculate specific dates or times? Is the rapture happening soon?

Episode 106 09/22/2017