If you’ve ever said, “But that’s not what it means to me, God knows my heart!” This video is for you: 

💅 Jezebel LOVES your church! | Discernment of Spirits Pt. 2

Jezebel’s sin is something SO many Christians do, yet they are NEVER accused of having a Jezebel Spirit. Jezebel has EVVVVVERYONE up in here according to Christian men. Who is Jezebel and what was her real sin that MOST church-goers commit today? It sounds like it’s time we CRACK YOUR BIBLE to see what the Bible says about a Jezebel Spirit.

Episode 233 08282018


 REVEALED! PAGAN origins of Thanksgiving Pt. 1 | Christian Holidays

For a holiday that didn’t become official until 1941, US Thanksgiving has ancient Mediterranean roots that go back to the days that the Nephilim walked the earth.

Episode 99 09062017


REVEALED! PAGAN origins of Thanksgiving Pt. 2 | Christian Holidays

If the widow of a Freemason, who made it her life’s mission to elevate the status of women, told you that Christians should participate in an ancient goddess / sacrificial ritual, would you?

Episode 100 09/08/2017