How to support Crack Your Bible

Non-monetary gifts:

  1. Prayers are always appreciated!
  2. Add closed captions & translated subtitles: Crack Your Bible’s videos that need captions or subtitles

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  1. Closed Captions:
    1. Close captions help people who would like to view content without the sound turned on, such as those who:
      1. Have family that are hostile to hearing the Gospel so they have to watch in secret.
      2. Are watching in bed, in a library, or on noisy public transportation where sound may not be a viable option.
      3. Have broken headphones, speakers not working, an ear infection or hearing disability.
    2. How to contribute closed captions:
  2. Translated Subtitles:
    1. Translated subtitles help people who would like to view content but who cannot speak English or have trouble understanding my American slang.
      1. Help spread the gospel to places where the Word of God is suppressed.
      2. Help spread the gospel to people who need to listen to a sermon in secret, in a language that is not English.

Financial gifts:

A note about financial gifts – you cannot buy God’s favor, healing or spiritual gifts. If you feel led by the Holy Spirit to give, your gifts are appreciated. If you don’t feel led by the Holy Spirit to financially give, don’t! Prayers and captioning are ALWAYS appreciated.