How to add captions & subtitles

Google does the hard work for you by auto-transcribing all of the words, you just double check Google’s mistakes. On every video that you work on, Google adds your name to the credits because you’re a ministry partner for Crack Your Bible!


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STEP BY STEP using Google’s Auto-Translate feature:

Step 1: Crack Your Bible’s videos that need captions or subtitles

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Step 1. Find the video that you want to contribute.


Step 2

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2. Older videos will have the auto-caption feature to save time. Just correct Google’s mistakes.


Step 3

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 10.26.36 PM

3. Click on each text box to change words.


Step 4

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4. Make changes for spelling, grammar or replace the incorrect auto-generated word.


Step 5

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5. Press “publish.”


YouTube’s How to contribute closed captions, subtitles and metadata: